14th August 2018

64ft Narrowboat saloon


The 64ft cruiser stern Anderton narrowboat has now been completed and delivered by road from our factory in the Czech Republic to her proud new owners. After the fit out was completed final checks were made by the team at the factory before she was loaded onto a lorry to make the journey across to the UK. She made her way from the Czech Republic, through Germany, Belgium and France before taking a ferry to the UK. Once she arrived in the north west of England and was off loaded from the lorry by crane and placed into the water, our UK based team took over from there. They then carried out a thorough pre-delivery inspection and commissioning process to make sure her ballast was trimmed so she sits correctly in the water. They also made sure all of the gas, electrical and plumbing systems performed as expected before finally handing her over to her excited new owners.

The new owners were given a comprehensive walk through of the boat to make sure they understood how everything works along with an owner’s handbook. All our boats are also covered by a 12 month warranty and our team are always on hand to help with any teething issues that new owner’s may experience with their boats.

The design of the rear office/sewing cabin on this boat has been particularly successful, and the customer has already put it to good use creating an embroidered version of our new logo to say thank you!

Logo embroidered

64ft Narrowboat Exterior