Our Quality Difference

Our Quality Difference

Our quality ethos is based on the over-riding principle that once you have sailed away on your Elton Moss boat, we would (in the nicest possible sense) rather not see you again!

That’s why we put considerable effort into ensuring that we constantly review our build processes, so that we deliver the best quality boat to you that we can.


Our sister company, Carefree Cruising, has operated a shared ownership narrowboat scheme since 2003, and currently has 19 share boats under management. All of these share boats have been built by us.

These boats are used in all seasons, for an average of around 46 weeks per year, which equates to approximately 2,000 cruising hours per annum. When you consider that a hard worked hire boat is out only 26 weeks of the year on average, you can appreciate just how hard our shared ownership boats lives are!

Combine this with 12 different owners per boat, each with different experience levels, cruising styles and attitudes to their boat, and you’ll begin to see just how good these boats have to be to deliver consistent trouble free cruising.

The “hard life” that our share boats have also allows us to monitor how the boat build and equipment installed stands up to such intensive use. Any failure, no matter how small, is analysed to help improve the quality of future boat builds.

Isn’t it comforting to know that your Elton Moss Boat is built in the same factory, using the same processes, to the same quality standard and by the same staff as the Carefree Cruising share boats?


From laying the base plate for the shell, to the final coat of paint, all of the work on your Elton Moss Boat is carried out in our own factory by our own staff.

This ensures that your entire boat is built to our exacting quality standards throughout. Unlike some other boat builders, you will not hear the excuses “the shell builder can’t have handled the steel properly” or “the boat painter can’t have prepped this right”.

As an example, ALL the welds on your shell, whether they are above or below the waterline, are dye pen tested, to ensure integrity.


We use only the best equipment and materials on your boat.

Our steel is Marine Grade (to EU Standards), and is sourced from reputable quality global steel manufacturers.

Our solid wood and ply panels are sourced from FSC approved sources and are made by manufacturers who source their wood from sustainable woodlands.


We are often asked “why do you build your boats in the Czech Republic”? The answer is simple. Unlike the UK, the Czech Republic has never destroyed its skills training or turned its back on its manufacturing industries.

Everyone who works on your Elton Moss Boat is a fully time-served craftsman, who has learned their trade by serving an apprenticeship (and by “apprenticeship”, we mean a structured training programme over years, not a six month college course hammering a few nails into roofing trusses!).

The quality difference that this gives us is immediately apparent when you step onto an Elton Moss boat. Customers often comment that our boats are “Solid” and “Extremely Well Built”.


We constantly strive to improve our boats. For example, in the important areas of insulation and ventilation, we are the market leaders, with an average sprayfoam thickness of 40 mm.

When you make an appointment to view our boats, we will gladly take the time to explain to you why our boats are better built.