Cat C Kingsley Widebeam Shell Completion

5th December 2016


Last week saw the completion of the shell for our first Category C Kingsley wide beam. This is the first Kingsley boat that that we have built to Category C regulations and will be certified to navigate coastal waters.

Canal boats are normally built to Category D, set out by the Recreational Craft Directive, what this means is that they are built to withstand a wind force level of 4 and a wave height of up to 0.5m, and are designed to be used in sheltered waters. However, Category C boats are built for inshore cruising and are built to withstand a wind force level of 6 and a wave height of 2m. One of the modifications that has been made to this usually Cat D barge, is the chine on the hull, this is one of the requirements for a Cat C.

A chine is a sharp change in angle of the cross section of the hull, rather than the hull sides running straight down to the base plate, they now angle in slightly at the bottom.

Another unique feature of this boat is that the customers who have commissioned this build, have yet to meet us! This is due to the fact that they are living in the USA. So far we have had multiple phone calls, plenty of emails and also exchanged videos of previous boats – including film of our Director Artie walking round the gunwales on our eco-friendly wide beam to demonstrate that they could be used for a practical walk way. This along with our reputation has meant that the couple felt confident to place an order without meeting us face to face.