CAT C Kingsley – WINNER of favourite widebeam at Crick!

28th June 2017

crick winning wide beam 2017

WINNER of favourite widebeam of the show 2017

With the boat safety moved from her temporary mooring back to Braunston marina and then by road to Crick, she was craned in and moved round to her mooring in time for the Crick Boat Show 2017.

Our aim this year by taking this boat to Crick, was to take the show by storm and we most certainly did that winning favourite widebeam of the show. Everyone who came onto our boat had positive feedback for us. The most popular things people commented on were the ones we least expected – the bathroom sink and the tiles in the galley!! With the heat on set up days and the first part of the weekend, we were very thankful to have the air conditioning on board – there certainly wasn’t a need to have the underfloor heating on!

We are very pleased with how this boat has worked out and can’t wait to hand it over to the customers for them to enjoy for many years to come!!

crick show 1 crick show 2