Getting your boat ready for spring

20th March 2018

Bow table


As spring is now upon us, there are certain things to do with your boat before your start cruising again following the winter! 

First step is to de-winterise your boat! If you left your boat during winter then chances are that you went through the winterising process. De-winterising is just this process but in reverse.

Step 1: Water. Part of the winterising process is to drain your tank, switch off your water pump and leave your taps open. So now you need to close your taps and turn on your water pump. Once your tank is filling and your water pump is on, start opening your taps to release any air within the system. Start with the tap closest to the water pump. Once this has been completed. Drain the tank and refill, the water is now ready to use.

Step 2: Electrics. Turn on the electrics and check all appliances are functioning correctly prior to use. 

Step 3: Engine. A visual check of the engine and surrounding pipework should show if there are any obvious leaks or damage caused by frost during the winter. Check the oil and coolant levels within the engine and replace the gearbox oil. 

Step 4: Stern and Prop. Before checking the prop be sure to remove the keys from the ignition! Check the weed hatch rubber seal, check the prop for any debris that may have become lodged during the winter / since your last use and make sure the prop nut is securely fastened. When replacing the weed hatch make sure it is secured and sealed properly.

TOP TIP: To ensure the weed hatch is securely sealed start the engine and push the throttle lever forward to make the prop spin fast, if there is a break in the seal then water will start to come in through the weed hatch. If this happens turn off the engine, remove the keys and check the weed hatch is correctly aligned and sealed. Also check the rubber seal is in tack.

Step 5: Interior. Replace any soft furnishing you removed during winter.

Once all the steps have been completed you are ready to go. Hope you have a safe and happy cruising season.