CAT C Kingsley – WINNER of favourite widebeam at Crick!

WINNER of favourite widebeam of the show 2017

With the boat safety moved from her temporary mooring back to Braunston marina and then by road to Crick, she was craned in and moved round to her mooring in time for the Crick Boat Show 2017.

Our aim this year by taking this boat to Crick, was to take the show by storm and we most certainly did that winning favourite widebeam of the show. Everyone who came onto our boat had positive feedback for us. The most popular things people commented on were the ones we least expected – the bathroom sink and the tiles in the galley!! With the heat on set up days and the first part of the weekend, we were very thankful to have the air conditioning on board – there certainly wasn’t a need to have the underfloor heating on!

We are very pleased with how this boat has worked out and can’t wait to hand it over to the customers for them to enjoy for many years to come!!

 Winner of Crick 2017
galley tiles Vanity unit Master bedroom saloon fore
Introducing 'Tulak' Our Custom Built 'Eco Friendly' 65ft x 12ft Kingsley Widebeam!

Cat C Kingsley Widebeam Craning into the Water

In the heat of the Sun we watched as the new Cat C Kingsley was craned into the water at Braunston Marina. This was an exciting time as she was now completed and after months of planning and building she was finally going into the water.

Once she was safely lowered and in the water, the checks were completed and the crane slings were then removed. We got ourselves a well earned brew and prepared to move her to her temporary moorings before the Crick Boat Show at the end of May.

With the Director at the helm we cruised her the 6 miles down the winding canal and narrow bridges of the Grand Union, before arriving at the moorings. On this short cruise the boat handled really well and we are looking forward to moving her again towards the end of May.

 Cat C Kingsley Craning
Introducing 'Tulak' Our Custom Built 'Eco Friendly' 65ft x 12ft Kingsley Widebeam!

Cat C Kingsley Widebeam Water testing


Cat C Kingsley Water

This new Cat C Kingsley has been completed and has been moved by road to ‘Melnik’ to go in to the water for testing. Melnik is on the Vltava river, which is the longest river within the Czech Republic, running southeast along the Bohemian Forest and then north through Prague where it merges with the Elbe in Melnik.

The testing in the water went very well, but as expected on such a complex build there were a few smaller issues. As we sourced the parts from the UK, we have opted to amend these issues when the boat is delivered and craned into the water over here.


Introducing 'Tulak' Our Custom Built 'Eco Friendly' 65ft x 12ft Kingsley Widebeam!

Cat C Kingsley Widebeam Completing fitout

As the handover draws closer this new Cat C Kingsley widebeam is nearing completion. We are past the halve way through final fit out stage and as you can see from below it is all systems go to get her finished ready for the water testing. The customer has opted to have red feature panels throughout, including the shutter panels and underneath the breakfast bar. Instead of the cream panels to the cab sides they have gone with a light grey to contrast the gloss white Galley and the cream tongue and groove ceiling.

We are very excited to see the finished boat and get her into the water ready for the testing phase.

Cat C Widebeam Saloon Cat C Widebeam Galley Cat C Widebeam TV Cabinet Cat C Widebeam Bedroom
Introducing 'Tulak' Our Custom Built 'Eco Friendly' 65ft x 12ft Kingsley Widebeam!

Cat C Kingsley Widebeam Customer Factory Visit

Having only ever spoken to us via the phone and emails we arranged for the customers to fly out to the factory and it was there that they met Artie for the first time along with Ivo the factory manager. They spend a couple of days going through the boat making slight changes and amendments allowing the boat to end up exactly as they wanted it to be. It is safe to say they really enjoyed their visit and had this to say about their trip.

‘Artie, your crew was great thank you for letting us mess things up for a couple of days I’m sure they’re glad we left! Hope they enjoy the beer.’ E. McKinley

It is always nice to receive feedback as it allows us to continue what we are doing in the knowledge that we are making people happy and helping them to realise their dreams.

Customer Factory Visit
Introducing 'Tulak' Our Custom Built 'Eco Friendly' 65ft x 12ft Kingsley Widebeam!

Cat C Kingsley Widebeam Spray Foam Completed

Before Christmas saw the completion of the spray foam for the new Cat C Kingsley. Our level of spray foam is a lot thicker than most other builders, meaning that the boat is kept cool in summer as well as warm in the winter. The photo below shows the spray foam completed and cut back ready for the linings to be be attached.

The boat has been raised up higher to allow for the base plate to be blacked. We are using a two pack epoxy blacking for the hull to give extra protection. From the angle of the photo below it is easy to see the chined hull.

mc-kinley-22-12-2016-002 mc-kinley-22-12-2016-001


Introducing 'Tulak' Our Custom Built 'Eco Friendly' 65ft x 12ft Kingsley Widebeam!

Cat C Kingsley Widebeam Shell Completion

Last week saw the completion of the shell for our first Category C Kingsley wide beam. This is the first Kingsley boat that that we have built to Category C regulations and will be certified to navigate coastal waters

Canal boats are normally built to Category D, set out by the Recreational Craft Directive, what this means is that they are built to withstand a wind force level of 4 and a wave height of up to 0.5m, and are designed to be used in sheltered waters. However, Category C boats are built for inshore cruising and are built to withstand a wind force level of 6 and a wave height of 2m. One of the modifications that has been made to this usually Cat D barge, is the chine on the hull, this is one of the requirements for a Cat C.

A chine is a sharp change in angle of the cross section of the hull, rather than the hull sides running straight down to the base plate, they now angle in slightly at the bottom.

mc-kinleys-shell-finished-2-12-2016-002 mc-kinleys-shell-finished-2-12-2016-004 mc-kinleys-shell-finished-2-12-2016-003 mc-kinleys-shell-finished-2-12-2016-001


Another unique feature of this boat is that the customers who have commissioned this build, have yet to meet us! This is due to the fact that they are living in the USA. So far we have had multiple phone calls, plenty of emails and also exchanged videos of previous boats – including film of our Director Artie walking round the gunwales on our eco-friendly wide beam to demonstrate that they could be used for a practical walk way. This along with our reputation has meant that the couple felt confident to place an order without meeting us face to face.